Paper Toys with Paper Clips

I love/hate when I see something and think “Why haven’t I thought of that?!” I did just that when I saw Joel’s latest post.

(all images from Made by Joel)

He has other dinosaur activities and lots of great pictures on this blog post. But really you could do that with ANYTHING your kid is into and best of all it’s so easy and cheap!

It’s now Black Friday here in the USA who’s been shopping today? I’ve done some shopping online but no doorbusters for me this year.


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    This is an exercise of creativity. You can create your own toys for your kids just by your ingenious mind. You can even invite the kids to do it with you so that you can collaborate your ideas and unknowingly, the children will exercise his/her own creativity as well.

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    Several months ago I awoke one morning with an idea for a project. I had gone to bed thinking about a presentation I am going to make to a group of middle and high school technology teachers in a couple of months.

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