Thanksgiving Crafts + Activities

My boys get all into the holidays and if we have any extra craft time they love doing seasonal activities. Apparently Thanksgiving means lots of turkey crafts but I tried to find the best ones with a mix of some other fun activities. 


1. Thanksgiving ships with coffee sleeves by 4 Crazy Kings
2. Leaf feather turkeys from Babycenter
3. Stone Soup Wooden Playset from Rythm of the Home
4. Wooden Spool Turkeys from Made by Joel for Parents magazine
5. Mayflower Nut from Cultivated Lives
6. Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl-ing from Make and Takes

and my favorite

Thanksgiving boat races from One Charming Party. Even if you’re not celebrating Thanksgiving I LOVE this idea! What a fun game

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  1. says

    My kindergartener brought home a paper turkey from school on Friday. His homework was to disguise "Tom the Turkey" so he wouldn't be eaten. My guy turned him into an elf. He had lots of fun and was quite proud of his creation.

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