Snowball Fight! – Guest Post

I have a fun guest post for you today from Kristen who is also a mom of 2 boys. I’ll let Kristen take it from here!

We love Model Magic!

What started as a fun snowman project, inspired by all of the cool snowmen on Pinterest – turned into a LEGO Winter Wonderland.

My 7 and 9 year old boys loved using the Model Magic to make a snowball fight, while my husband (the biggest boy) helped them along.

After I took the photos, a mini photo  shoot continued by my 7 year old.  He loved moving things around and smashing more “snow” into the mini figures.

Kristen blogs at Busy Kids = Happy Mom (isn’t that the truth)


Thank you so much for sharing Kristen! I am so getting little trees for the boys. My oldest loves LEGO photoshoots as well and I love the snowball fight! We won’t get snow unless we drive up to play in it so you can bet we’ll be making some Model Magic / Air Dry Clay snowmen!

If you have an idea you think our little community might like shoot me an email at info[at]allfortheboys[dot]com (or by clicking the contact link above)

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