I had seen a few different tutorials for these before using coffee cans or any cylindrical container really, but when my oldest saw the tutorial in the latest Family Fun magazine I thought that using a container with a lid was a great idea.

We added it to our “things to make” list for the summer and decided that we’d finally make it when we got a good container. We emptied out a salsa container from Costco and put it to good use!

Basically for this version you cut a hole in the lid and the bottom of the container. I used an Xacto circle cutter tool I got from an Elmers Craft and Tell party with Mom Endeavors (I never got a chance to talk about it but thanks SO much Sara for having me!)

Then you take a piece of plastic wrap and lay it over the top

Then, making sure you leave some slack (this helps magnify what you see a bit when the pressure of the water pushes it in) you put the lid back on and it holds the plastic wrap in place! If you have a container without a lid you can secure the plastic wrap with a rubberband.

Then you can cut the extra, but if you have boys who can’t hold anything still like mine I’d just skip this step since you may need to re-adjust the plastic wrap or even put a new piece on before you use it.

Then you go out and explore a world underwater. I love the activities that need no direction. You give them something to view underwater life and they know just what to do :)


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