We LOVE visiting museums. We are lucky to live in/nearby a large city that has tons to offer in the way of museums. Summer here is the perfect time to visit them because it is SO hot. We recently visited the Children’s Museum of Phoenix since we hadn’t been in a while. I wasn’t sure how the boys would like it since they were a bit younger when we came the last time. When we walked in and saw this

I knew they’d be fine. This museum is in a historic school building and is filled with amazing, imaginative play areas filled with recycled materials. Here are some pictures from our visit.

Isn’t it inspiring?! It made me want to come home and make all kinds of things out of our recyclables. If you live in Phoenix you MUST visit this museum and if you come for a visit – definitely put it on your list of things to do with the kids. Right after a long car or plane ride would be the perfect outlet for their pent up energy.

If you haven’t already – search out the museums in your area. Be a tourist of your own city!


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