Fort Friday!

Happy Fort Friday! If you’re new – here at All for the Boys we celebrate Fridays with some awesome fort inspiration from around the web. Whether made of sheets, cardboard, wood, or sticks, forts are a place we can go to transport our minds to wherever we want to go. You can play, dream, relax, or create in a fort. Everything is better in a fort!

Let’s start with some reader submissions!

Meghan from And Baby Makes 3 shared her little cutie pie in the fort she made all by herself. 

Amancia sent me this photo (love the clips!)

My boys decided their room was too small for a good fort (I snapped this with my phone earlier this week). Can you just imagine what will happen to those books when someone tugs on the blanket? Yeah I don’t recommend them as a support system LOL!

a recycled playhouse from Middlebrook Gardens

A DIY Indoor Hanging Tent from The Mombot

A Pop N’ Play Castle from Build a Dream Playhouses

If you’d like to submit a picture of your fort for Fort Friday email me at with the images and/or link to your blog! Have a great weekend!


  1. Amancia says

    Thanks for sharing our fort! The clips were 10.99 from AceHardware. We saw a DIY fort 'kit' on etsy (which I love) but it was $80! For a sheet and clips! Having the clips makes it a quick set up and the kids can have a fort all the time if they want!
    I am so glad I found this blog, I have a girl and 2 boys and there's not enough 'for the boys' stuff out there!

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