Alpha Bravo Charlie

Have your kids discovered the NATO phonetic alphabet yet?

[DOWNLOAD HERE for free personal use]

Love them Madly recently introduced her boys to it AND made them some awesome new tshirts!

The phonetic alphabet is a great way to nurture spelling with your little army guys. Go check out the great tutorial and more pictures from Love them Madly!

See you tomorrow! Over and out.


  1. Alex says

    Just remember, with the NATO phonetic alphabet Quebec and Lima are pronounced KE-BECK (like Trebek) and LEEMA. Just sayin'…

  2. Melissa says

    Hi Allison :) I was hoping to download the NATO alphabet printable, but when clicking download here, it sends me to a page saying it is unavailable. anyway you still have this printable and might be willing to email it to me please? :) thanks so much!

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