iPAD Mini Giveaway!

A few local blogger friends and I got together to give away an iPad mini to one of our readers! We love you all and wanted to find a fun way to give back to you. I don’t always do giveaways like this but I will be participating in a few to give you something fun to win!

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Now onto the giveaway!

We will be giving away one iPad mini with Wi-Fi 16GB – Black & Slate.  The giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over and ends at 12:01 am EST on November 17, 2012. Approximate retail value is $329.00.

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TERMS & CONDITIONS: Giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over and ends at 12:01 am EST on November 17, 2012. By entering you give the right to use your name and likeness. Number of entries received determines the odds of winning. Approximate retail value is $329.00. One winner will be selected. This is a giveaway sponsored as a group buy, which means the bloggers pooled their money together to purchase this product for you. All liabilities and responsibilities with product is directly responsible by apple.com. Mandatory entry is providing your email address and a blog post comment. If the mandatory entries are not completed then all other entries become invalid. Winner will drawn by random.org from all verified entries, contacted by email provided, and announced on this page at the end of the contest. Winner has 72 hours to respond or prize will be redrawn. Entrant is responsible for the email address they provide, whether through typing it directly or through the Facebook entry method. Choosing Love is not responsible for lost or misdirected emails. All prizes will be awarded. No prize substitutions allowed. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook and we hereby release Facebook of any liability. Information is provided to Choosing Love, not to Facebook and your information is never sold or shared. Facebook and Apple are not a sponsor of this giveaway. Prize is mailed directly by Wendy Wright from Choosing Love and requires confirmation of delivery. Protected tweets do not count as an entry method for tweeting. Tweets must come from a public account. Bloggers in this group giveaway and their immediate family members in their household cannot enter or win the giveaway. We reserve the right to substitute a gift card for the retail value price, in the event the item for the giveaway is not available. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Product image credit: Apple.

GOOD LUCK!! (if you’re viewing this post in your reader you’ll need to click over to enter!)


  1. says

    i'd love an ipad mini because i do everything on my iphone! would love an alternative to read/play games with, especially since my son is always grabbing my phone to play with as well and makes random calls and texts!

  2. Melanie says

    I would want to win the IPAD mini for my kids. they love the big Ipad, but it's hard to transport places. I would love something small like this that I could fit in my purse for swimming lessons, or waiting in line.

  3. Lauten Rodgers says

    Thank you for the chance at such a generous giveaway! I would love to win this. It would provide lots of opportunities for the kids and I to practice sharing well!:-)

  4. Kirsa says

    My children have taken over the old, original iPad that was supposed to be for me to use. I don't really mind, as the original iPad is large and bulky (especially with the big kid-proof case I've got on it). I'd love to have an iPad Mini that would be small, could fit in my purse, easy to hold (and easy to hide if I don't want the kids getting to it), and that I could use to read eBooks from the library, use for all those lovely little internet-provided moments of escape from the over-and-over-and-over again daily routine of stay-at-home mommying to four kids four-and-under, and for playing games with my kids as well.

  5. Robin says

    I would love one of these!! We homeschool and there are so many great educational apps out there and I'd love to get them in my boys' hands!!

  6. Lyndsey B says

    An iPad Mini would be awesome because of my work and then play for my son. He loves my husband's iPad and if I had one too, it would be great to share!

  7. Katherine H says

    I have been wanting a kindle or something like that, but also wanting some sort of tablet, this would take care of both!

  8. Liz Kitch says

    Selfishly, I'd love the iPad mini since I no longer have a laptop from work. I'd also love to use one with my kiddos in my classroom!!

  9. melissa says

    We have no ipad (iphone,i-pod, or i-anything)… and my sons would love to be able to "jump into this century" technologically.

  10. says

    I don't have a smartphone or iPad and I would love to join the rest of the world! I'm only 35! LOL I would love to be able to entertain my 4yr old with it as well as read books myself.

  11. Molly says

    I would love to win this!! I don't own any Apple products yet, and am so jealous of everyone who does! :) This would be so much fun to win!!

  12. Liz says

    I have two little boys that have been begging for a family ipad for a while now :) And I sure wouldn't mind, since I don't have a smart phone!

  13. Christie says

    I would love to give my hubby an ipad mini!! He's been wanting one…..would be the perfect Christmas gift for him!! Hope I win!!

  14. Kristin says

    I would give it to my husband because he really wants one. He currently has an Ipad 1 (that we bought used), which our kids like to use to play learning games and such, so it's seen better days. He usually goes without so that he can get nice things for me and the kids, so it would be nice to give him something back.

  15. beth says

    i've been wanting to purchase an ipad since..well, since they came out with them! an ipad mini seems even more perfect. just the right size for me.

  16. Sarah says

    What a cool idea! I have only seen these in passing, so I can only imagine all the things you can do with one.
    The first thing that comes to mind is being able to facetime with family! My husband and I are moving away from any family (or friends) and starting a new journey. It would be so great for our son to be able to see and not only hear our parents and siblings.
    Great giveaway!

  17. says

    I'm starting up a photography company, so having an ipad would come in handy in many ways for that. Plus, winning any of the apple products instead of paying for them makes them twice as cool.

  18. Rochelle M says

    My son … ok, my husband, would LOVE a new gadget. He spends a lot of time out to sea, so this would be a fun Christmas gift :)

  19. says

    Why not! ipads are wonderful tools for many things. My mom has one and use it to travel around the world. The new smaller size is a great improvement.

  20. Jennifer Perry says

    I am a single mom on a very tight budget and have been searching craigslist for used electronics for Chrsitmas for my 2 young sons. I am perfectly happy with my 8 year old dell laptop and old school TV but….. every once in a while mama wants something new!!! Thanks for doing this! I love your blog and will check out some of the others now too!!

  21. megan says

    I would love to win the iPad mini! I'm in nursing school and see lots of other students using them and loving it. It would be such a useful study tool. My 5 year old would probably like to play around on it, too. :) What a generous giveaway!!

  22. Monique B says

    I would love to own an iPad! I don't have a smart phone or any other similar device. I would use it mostly in our homeschooling. It would be great to bring along on field trips and I would love to try some of the amazing aps that I keep reading about.

  23. Michelle says

    I think I commented on the Halloween post by mistake. : ) We would love to win this as the laptop my son uses is on it's last leg! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway!

  24. Melanie F says

    Wow, this would be so fabulous to win! My 4 boys have been really excited about the release of the mini! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  25. gina says

    i volunteer at our school to help out the kindergarten class for my son. they just got an ipad to go along with all the itouches. i'd love to have one at home to help find the best educational apps for my kid and his class and the other classes at his school! we're "android people" and the apps are way different than in apple. a mini would be a great way to get a little slice of apple in our house!

  26. Casie says

    We have been wanting an ipad for years. We have never owned one. We homeschool and I would love to use it for educational activities, videos, and school on the go. Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. Ceara says

    I'd love to win an iPad mini for my son. He loves to play with my husbands iPad from work, so having he would love to have his own!

  28. Lindsey D says

    I want the I-pad mini so much!! I have a droid phone and I really want an "I" anything to participate in everything in the App store. I REALLY want an I-pad mini for our trip to Walt Disney World this December to utilize the new "My Disney Experience" launching Dec. 6th. Our trip would be so enhanced with this new gadget!

  29. Dawn Taylor says

    My best holiday wish this year is to have gifts for my children. It has been a hard year financially and I would use this as a Christmas gift for sure. Thanks for the chance

  30. says

    I'd love having this iPad for my own use — and to help keep my twin preschoolers entertained when we're on long car rides or sitting in waiting rooms!

  31. Bridget says

    I would love to have an Ipad mini! We don't have any Ipad products in our home and there are so many great apps that our entire family would love to use. My husband travels a ton and would use it while on the road.

  32. Heather brandt says

    I'd love to win so my husband could use this for work. Otherwise we don't have funds for this tool right now. Yes, the kids would also enjoy playing it with their dad too :)

  33. Leanne says

    My son is three now and we want to get something for him to use (and us-we would be new to the iPad world) to keep up with the changing electronic world and this might work great for that. I thought for those long trips to Grandmas house in the car this would be so helpful too. Thanks!

  34. Stacy says

    We would love this! The kids could use all the educational apps and we could find lots of fun stuff to do with it too! :) Thanks!

  35. Jodi H. says

    What a great giveaway! I would love this for my kids…well, me too! :) I love using technology to help the kids learn.

  36. Mommy Monster says

    I'd love to win an iPad Mini. I love how many apps are available for autistic children, I think my son would benefit from having apps added to his therapy sessions.

  37. Courtney says

    I'd love an iPad mini to introduce to me to the world of tablets! Trying to transition to a lighter computing device after my laptop's battery died!

  38. Juliet Bonner says

    I would love to get this for my daughter for Christmas…or for me to use so I can step away from the desktop and still get work done!

  39. Bethany says

    I would love to share this with my 5 year old son. We play games on my iphone together and it would be so nice to have a bigger screen that we could share when working on educational games together.

  40. says

    I'd love to win this because my 4 year old loves playing on my iphone so I would love to get one of these for her to use so that it's a bigger screen and easier to handle. Thanks for the chance to win! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  41. Melissa says

    Would so love one for the family- just got back from a road trip and this could have helped entertain the munchkins on that looong drive. :)

  42. says

    I would love to win this as a christmas present for my husband. We don't have enough to get eachother anything after we buy presents for our children. It would be a nice surprise.

  43. Annie says

    I would give it as a gift to my mother, her computer just died and she needs something to stay connected to my sisters with.

  44. Kelly R says

    I have been eyeballing the ipad for awhile. I have an android tablet and it's been slowly dying…giving me more and more headaches. But the full-size ipad? Way too big for me. I need something that will fit in my purse, right? When I saw that the mini was coming out I was ecstatic. Trying really hard to convince my husband that this is a NEED and not a WANT.

  45. Shawnita Mack says

    I would so luv to win this iPad Mini!!! I just lost my computer & its so hard not having one I could just brows with, i'm lost without it..

  46. Ashleigh says

    I would love to have this for an interactive learning device for my daughter. We love to read and play games! This would make a great gift for my husband, as well!

  47. aydee says

    I would love a ipad mini so my daughter can play those learning games to help with her learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes you know all those type x) and for me mostly for the recipes x) i love looking up recipes to give me new ideas for dinner, snacks or deserts.

  48. Marcie says

    The iPad mini would be so great for the family and a great tool to occupy my 17 month old while out running errands.

  49. Leslie says

    This would be awesome to win. My boys love playing on my iphone. The ipad mini would make a great Christmas gift for them.

  50. ellen says

    I would love an IPad mini- I have an IPad1 that is conking out and if I lose all of my stored books I will freak out. Besides that this would make an awesome gift!

  51. says

    It would be wonderful to have something like this for traveling to entertain our boys, plus I would love to use all of the great educational apps that are out there!

  52. Alexa says

    I am entering this to win it for my husband. We are really broke this year, so we agreed not to spend on each other, but his birthday falls on December 23. Our second child is due the same day, so I know that between Christmas and the new baby, his birthday is bound to be overlooked. I would love to be able to give him something nice in return for all of the love and support he gives our family.

  53. Marcie S. says

    I would love the iPad mini to help my son. There are so many great preschool apps that he could do. This is just the right size for my purse as well =]

  54. Jessie says

    My family is a one iPad family and it sounds awful to say….but we really need at least two! Between myself, my hubby, and our kids it seems to be a constant battle.

  55. says

    Our family would LOVE an iPad mini! I am constantly fighting my kids and hubby for the use of MY birthday gift, the iPad! We all love it! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  56. GretchenP says

    because i'm obsessed with my iphone so would love a larger version for games, apps, and books! :) thanks for the giveaway!! :)

  57. sabina casto says

    I would LOVE one of these ipad mini's, for 2 reasons, the first being that I have 6 children 5 of them boys and I am currently homeschooling 3 of them, I think that it would REALLY keep me organized and to have handy in our school circle would be fantastic, rather than tramps off to the computer, ALOS, i cannot afford one :(…. thanks for such a generous offer, and keep up the FANTASTIC posts! WE <3 BOYS….

  58. Kara says

    I want the the iPad Mini because it would allow me to do some photo and video editing without having to be on my computer!

  59. Holly Domkowski says

    This would be so great to have with me at the university. Sometimes my laptop is just too heavy to carry around. I think it could give me a little more freedom.

  60. Lena Naef says

    I'd love to win this for my husband's birthday. It's on his wish list but we unfortunately don't have the budget for it :( It'd be wonderful to win this! Thanks for the chance.

  61. Angela Livingston says

    I'm being honest (and slightly selfish) when I say it's for me! My kids have taken over my iPad so the mini would be just for momma!

  62. Rachel says

    I would love an iPad mini. My husband has an iPhone and but I can't have a smart phone because it is too hard on my eyes. I would love to be able to use it to help me son age 4 learn and have ebooks

  63. says

    After a few rough months, I'd really like to surprise my husband with an ipad mini for a Christmas gift. He deserves so much more in life than I can give him. Mushy, I know.

  64. Stacey says

    I have been waiting for an ipad mini-but I was disappointed the price point was not much lower than the regular ipad.

  65. Sabrina says

    I'd love this for my little guy to use when we're in "tricky" situations like waiting in the doctor's office, etc.

  66. Alison says

    I would love to have the mini ipad to have a more portable way to access the computer and gain information on things to help me with my twins.

  67. Gaylene says

    I LOVE to read the iPad mini would be perfect to slip into my purse along with sippy cups and goldfish so can take my reading with me. Thanks for the Givewawy!

  68. Jennifer says

    Would love the portability of it, great to use with the kids when one is waiting for the other at lessons,sports, etc. Thanks!

  69. Lisa says

    An iPad mini would be amazing to own!! It would be great for traveling and to use instead of a computer as well! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  70. says

    I have been wanting an iPad for a while. I use my iPhone for everything (frequently even writing short blog posts). An iPad would be so much more user friendly for frequent typing. I had no idea that there was a mini version. It looks like it has all the functionality of a full size, but much more portable!

  71. Manya Z says

    It's just my so and I in this world. We have nothing this cool. Could be what we need to spark motivation and aid with our educational struggles!! Hey at this point we're open to any help

  72. Suzanna H says

    What a generous offer- thank you! I would love to have the iPad for the fun things- games and pinning on Pinterest- and especially for reading at home and on the go. Three of our five are readers now and I love that technology and reading have combined!

  73. says

    Our family is sponsoring a disabled Karen refugee from Burma. We want to help her sharpen up her English and hopefully some day go to college. We thought an ipad would be a great place to find apps to help her.

  74. Sam K says

    I dont actually have a tablet. I would love to use it to read and have something easy to travel with. I adore traveling. I think it would also be a great way to keep in contact with my boyfriend who is a deployed marine.

  75. says

    I would love an iPad mini because I am one of the only people left who doesn't have smartphone, and can't bear to pay the monthly rate. I have a laptop but it's 17" and nearly impossible to take anywhere. The mini would help with a lot of stuff I've been missing not having a smartphone and my 2 year old would LOVE it! :)

  76. says

    Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    I want the iPad mini for my 4 year old son. We are VERY recent smart phone (iPhone) adopters, and he is already enjoying games and educational apps on it. It's a great learning tool and a bigger screen would simply mean more wonderment for him.

    Thank you!

  77. Isa says

    We don't have any kind of tablet & really can't afford to buy one right now, so I would REALLY LOVE to win the iPad mini!!

  78. says

    My husband was drooling over this when he saw it released! He's an Apple freak so this would be the best surprise for him if I won!
    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  79. Shannon Sampson says

    We are homeschoolers so I would love to have an iPAD that we could take with us on car trips, doctor appointments, etc. so that my son can make better use of these down times to do his schoolwork. There are so many great educational tools available for the iPAD and as we move into the high school years it becomes more critical to take advantage of every learning opportunity.

  80. Alison Buchanan says

    My two boys FIGHT over who gets to play with MY iphone all the time… PLEASE let me win so I can have a more peaceful existance!!!

  81. Francine says

    Just found your blog today and love it! Am sharing it with my daughter and new grandson. New to grandmothering and a rookie techie, I think I would get tremendous use from an iPad: discovering activities to enjoy with my grandson, great for recipes, researching, etc. ANd for following your insprational blog, of course!

  82. Gina P says

    An iPad would make my calendar much easier to use and share! I can also use it to look up things rapidly in my midwifery office :).

  83. Danielle says

    My school district has adopted the ipad with a bring your own technology initiative. I would like to try the mini ipad to see if it would be something I could recommend to parents as they prepare to spend $$.

  84. Lara Plocha says

    We've been considering an iPad for sometime as we often have to do "school on the go." The mini is a great size and would definitely be a benefit!

  85. Mexican Mountain Momma says

    We live in the mountains in beautiful Colorado! While our family of 4 has a desktop computer, that is the end to our connectivity. It's time to enter this century. An IPAD would be a luxury, but a very special one. Winning one would be devine. Thank you.

  86. Mexican Mountain Momma says

    We live in the mountains in beautiful Colorado! While our family of 4 has a desktop computer, that is the end to our connectivity. It's time to enter this century. An IPAD would be a luxury, but a very special one. Winning one would be devine. Thank you.

  87. tonya says

    Are you kidding me…with 5 kids, and photography as my LOVE, it would be so nice to share photos and listen to music, and so on and so on. I can't imagine winning…would be so cool! Awesome give away!

  88. Brynn Marie says

    We had a 1st gen iPad that got played until it could be played no more. My little guy would love to be able to play all his favorite apps again <3 Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  89. Kristin B says

    Thank you for the chance to win this! We are looking for an iPad for our upcoming trip to Ethiopia to pick up our son this would be perfect and such a blessing to our family!

  90. says

    wow, what a great giveaway! I love all the fun ideas you share for playing with boys….I always find something that is playful and imaginative..thank you!

  91. Kevin says

    An iPad mini would be awesome to share with my 7 year old son who LOVES technology (I don't know where he gets it from) Thanks!

  92. Jamie says

    My husband and son have taken over my iPad. I would love to have my own again! Either that or we'll give my old on to my mom and keep the new mini so that I can share my PhotoStream with my mom and she can easily see all the pictures I take of my 2 boys. Great giveaway!!

  93. Bethany says

    I think it would be great to have a larger screen than my iPhone to read books on. Plus, when I go scrapbooking, I use ideas that I've posted on Pinterest and lugging my laptop isn't always conducive…I love ALL things Apple.

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