My stick figure and quidditch player

Happy day after Halloween! I’ve seen so many cute ideas for trading in all that candy (so it doesn’t stick around until next year) some people have a little store and the kids pay with candy, others leave it out for the tooth fairy to take haha! I think maybe I’m just mean – they have a few pieces yesterday and will have a piece for the next couple days and then I’ll give it all to my husband to leave at one of his customers’ office. We just don’t need it sitting around here! What do you do with all your candy?

I’m sad that my boys aren’t into “cute” costumes anymore but I think they did a pretty good job this year!

What were your kids this year if you celebrate? We have a cute sailor and some awesome LEGO guys posted on our Facebook page

I can’t believe it’s NOVEMBER already! I’m working hard on finishing up my gift guide should have it next week for you.


  1. amy says

    Our candy slowly fades out. After I snitch too much I will take some out now and then to stash in a different spot. If they run out of candy and don't ask for any more I ditch the rest. I don't really feel like we get as much as other kids seem to. Our neighborhood gets quite a few kids (300+) this year so they don't get handfuls of candy from one person.

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