Hurricane Sandy

I was thinking about this a lot over the weekend as we were going about our normal lives. How selfish I felt I was being. Here I am going about my life in our 90 degree weather and there are people sick, homeless, cold, hungry… I’ve seen a lot of companies and tv stations urging for donations to the Red Cross but I wondered if such a large corporation could possibly help everyone fast enough – so much red tape (no pun intended) then I came across this heart wrenching blog post from Jenna at Sweet Fine Day

It made me realize how much goes completely unknown to most of us. How much suffering and saddness something like this brings. 

Jenna put up a great list of local charities that are directly helping hurricane victims in NY right now.

PLEASE if you are on the East Coast and know or have read blog posts like these from different areas let us know in the comments, I’m sure there is a great number of these small, reputable organizations helping out right now. It’s always hard being so far away and wanting to give to an honest and good organization so any recommendations we can get help a lot!

Are you doing anything to help? We’d love ideas!


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    Thank you so very much for directing me to Jenna's blog post. It was so nice and easy to pick out some items on the amazon registry for a local charity in Brooklyn, feels much more real than just writing a check. I know so many are not sure how to help, so thank you for the information.

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