I hope you all are more ready for the holidays/end of the year than I am! I just wanted to take a second to update you on my plans for the remainder of the year.

I will be “taking off” the next week to spend with my family and am preparing all my blog posts this week. Next week I’ll be sharing some of our favorite past projects as well as some from around the web I’ve found. If you’d like to share a project you think our community would like just send me a photo/link I’d love to share it!

We’ll still have Fort Friday and I’m preparing a New Years Eve activity post as well! I am trying to work out a fun local snowflake making party so if you’re local (Phoenix area) keep an eye out for updates from me!

I know a lot of you are expecting some snow today/this weeked – how about some fun INDOOR snow activities? I love these because those of us here in the desert can participate in these too!

Head on over to Delia Creates for 5 Snowy Fun Kid Activities

 Don’t forget to make your snowflakes for Sandy Hook! I’d love to see photos of your snowflakes and/or of you making them – we can set up a whole gallery of photos!

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