Fort Friday

Happy Fort Friday! If you celebrate Christmas I hope you’re more ready than I am!

Dad built forts are the best – check out this pirate ship built by these pirates’ Dad!


This fort from ArtBar gets me in the fort building spirit for sure!

This is the perfect time of year to stick lights in your cardboard fort. I love doing this! from Babble

Here was our holiday fort last year – complete with cotton ball snow. 

And are you ready to see the BEST holiday card/video? Of course any video that includes forts is good right? 😉 Melancholy Smile does a video instead of a card every year and I was so excited she let me share it here!

The snowflakes, the fort, shadow puppets – so. much. fun. Thank you SO much for letting me share! Check out Melancholy Smile for past videos – they’ll put a smile on your face :)

And since I can’t send each one of you a hard copy of our card this year I’ll post it here. Have a great weekend!!

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