(Indoor) Snowballs!

If you weren’t aware we live in the desert of Phoenix, AZ. Real snowballs have to be made in the freezer around here. We like to make our own! All you need is paper. Old school work is the best because you get to crumple it up. Get enough for a good snow storm and have fun!

Once it starts they move so fast I can’t get a picture in 😉

Even dogs like to play!

The boys have so much fun with these! They’ve already asked to play after school. It’s fun to make a snow storm by dumping them over each others heads. You could have a lot of fun building forts to hide in, targets to through through, or just basketball with the balls and a bucket!

Fun for younger kids too as long as they don’t eat them! You could make these softer versions out of tissue paper or yarn pom poms too.

Apparenlty a lot of people use rolled up socks which I love the idea of (they are softer) but after one use my boys’ socks are gross from the playground and even clean I don’t want thrown at me lol! Maybe when we buy a new pack. 😉


  1. Penelope says

    We do this too and my son loves these indoor snowball fights; although they agree ambushing Daddy when he comes home in the best.

  2. Callie says

    We also live in Phoenix and we've started a tradition with our 3 boys to go ice blocking, which takes the place of snow sledding :). We have to get creative to be able to enjoy traditional winter fun :)

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