Valentines Roundup

Happy February everyone! The picking out of the Valentines is a big deal around here. You have to choose just the right ones. They had LEGO valentines at our Target which were all definitely on the radar for my boys.


Just today The Boy Trifecta posted these LEGO Harry Potter Valentines (my little one’s fav)


From Zakka Life – It’s Super Valentine!

Heart Breaker Valentines from Dana at MADE

Ball Valentines from Paging Supermom

Tic Tac Toe from Sally J Shim

I “Wheelie” like you from 30 Handmade Days

Some Angry Bird Super Hero inspired Valentines from Big D and Me

Love these Love Bug Valentines by Dandee

And a Rockin Valentine from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar (we’re doing something similar this year for my oldest but he doesn’t want his picture on it)

Are you doing Valentines this year? Are any of these on your Valentine Radar?


  1. says

    Thanks for a good list of ideas. I am thinking those "Love Bugs" are adorable! My older boy is in middle school now, so he thinks he is too "old" to give Valentines. Luckily, my younger son is still crazy excited about this day! So, he has decided he wants to give all the kids those foam made mustache/lips attched to the suckers. I saw them on Pinterest weeks ago. His class just read, "The Big Bushy Mustache" at school, so he is big into mustaches lately.

  2. Trina says

    Last weekend, I took pictures of my boys with black paper handle bar mustaches taped to their faces…so cute. The back of their valentine's will say…
    I mustache you a question. Will you be my valentine.

  3. Idahomom says

    Love these idea's! My kids are getting goody bags wrapped in cellophane that include candies, shamrock seeds and kids size yard tools with the shovel handle poking out with a tag saying "I Dig You".(We will plant the seeds and hope they sprout by St. Pattys Day) My hubs told me he needs a shop broom so he's getting one with a tag on the handle that says "You Sweep Me Off My Feet".

  4. Grace says

    These are great! I had high hopes of making some fun and clever cards with the boys. However, I took them to Target and they picked out the first two you featured – Ninjago and Star Wars. Mom's handmade cards just can't compete with Lego in our house.

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