We had an amazing time in Kauai last week. It’s our third time (we go with a total of 15 family members as a sort of “reunion”) but the first time the boys were old enough to truly soak it all in! I thought I’d just share some pictures of all the fun (and beauty) we did and saw while we were there. I have 426 photos that I considered “keepers” between my “big” camera, iPhone, and underwater point and shoot so trust me this is pared down! I hope you enjoy them!


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    your pictures are amazing! we haven't been back to kauai with kids….do you mind if i ask where you stayed? we are headed there for my husband's 40th and we are taking kids and grandparents and aunts and uncles. that house looks dreamy. what were your faves for boys? any tips would be great.

    and, more importantly. i love your blog. it is so helpful and just really creative.

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    We love Kauai!! We haven't been back since our second child was born, but now that he's 3.5yrs old, we would love to go back again. I would love to know if this was a house you rented? If so, would you mind if I asked where you stayed? We may look into that option next time we go. Thanks so much!!

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