My boys are so excited for the Olympics this year! They love seeing all the ads out and can’t wait to watch some of the events. To wear out their energy a bit before they watch tv how about hosting your own olympics?

Love this party from A Small Snippet SO much! Lots more great photos here

DIY medals from Collage Collage

DIY torch from Domsetic Goddesque

This awesome party even has some great printables! from Bird’s Party Blog

Are you/your kids getting excited for the Summer Olympics?


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    Such cute ideas! We have a really good friend who is competing in the Olympics this year. You might like to have your boys check him out. He is Sam Hazewinkel, a wrestler. I went to {Christian} school with him & his brothers for years and years. His older brother was in my class of 10-15 and we graduated together. He is a great guy with great morals about sports and being a good Christian testimony.

    Here is his facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/SamHazewinkel

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    Thank you for this lovely post! So useful for another mother-of-two-boys 😉 I will make those medals for sure! Here is our DIY Olympic fancy dress for last friday (end of course party at the summer camp). Kisses from Spain.

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