I wish I invented balloons. So much fun in such a small little package.

I think balloons are one of those things you should always keep on hand just in case. This is a fun quick project that can be as time consuming as you make it! Basically you tape a balloon to a straw on a string and watch it fly! It’s best to attach the string to a door nob but tape will work too – just be prepared to keep re-taping.

We picked a nylon string to use hoping it would make the balloon go fast

Add the straw to the string before attaching the other side to the wall. Place the tape on the top of the straw. We used washi tape so the balloon could come off and on easily. (Washi tape is basically thin, decorative masking tape so that or painters tape would work too)

Blow up your balloon and either hold the end or secure with a clip

Pull back to the start line

And let er rip!

They go fast! Make your string long enough for the balloon to travel pretty far. To make this a longer project, have balloon races with several balloons/people. Experiment with different string, lengths, angle of the string etc! Have fun!

Let the races begin!



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