I’ve been seeing a “clean mud” tutorial making it’s rounds again but it involves shaving 3 bars of soap. I prefer less work and prep for a fun activity where the longevity is unknown 😉

“Clean” dough is SO simple – baking soda and water. Pour some baking soda onto a tray or in a bowl.

Then pour in water little by little

Mix until you get a consistency you like

That’s it!

Minifigs optional

If they start to lose interest add in a squirt bottle of vinegar for fizzy fun! The best part is that clean up is super easy! Have fun!


  1. Josh S says

    Clean up is not only easy, it's also — CLEANING!

    If you have a garbage disposal, run the baking soda & water mixture (or what's left of it) down the disposal (along with cool water, of course) for a bit. Then, add some vinegar and run the disposal again. You end up with a clean and maintained garbage disposal with no clogs!

    Or, just mix the vinegar and baking soda and add to a sponge. Clean whatever surfaces need cleaning! Viola!

  2. says

    gotta try this! and i love the previous comment about using what's left to clean with. two birds, one stone! :) can i just say, i love following your blog. and facebook page. and instagram. whoa, stalker.

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