Easy Coin Trick for Kids

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My boys love a good trick and the easier the better! This disappearing coin trick is easy for kids to learn and fun for them to show off.

Easy coin trick for kidsStart with 1 quarter and 2 dimes (or similar sized coins). Before anyone can see put the quarter in between the dimes.

Easy coin trick for kidsPlace the stack of coins in your hands up on your fingers, like this or even a bit farther up (this is where practice comes in).

Easy coin trick for kidsShow your audience the quarter and penny in your hand. Pick up the dime and obviously hide it (like in your pocket).

Easy coin trick for kidsJust after you pick up the dime close your hand fairly quickly. As you close it the coins should flip so the other dime is now on top.

Easy coin trick for kidsAsk your audience where the dime went (they should be able to tell you in your pocket or wherever you put it).Easy coin trick for kidsWhen you’re ready open up your hand to show them that the dime has “magically” appeared back in your hand!

Easy coin trick for kidsObviously adults can figure this out pretty quickly but it’s an easy fun trick for kids to show off. Have them practice before doing it and they should be ready in no time!

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