Glowing Eyes Halloween Craft

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Have you ever had an idea you thought made you so smart and then discovered you weren’t the first one to have that idea? That’s what happened with these for me lol! I had been wanting to do these for a while and about a week ago I was flipping through a magazine at the store (Family Fun maybe?) and saw the same thing – of course executed cuter for a magazine. Oh well, not going to stop me from sharing it with you!

You’ll need ping pong (table tennis) balls, LED tealights (the cheapest I found them was at Walmart 6 for $2.50 regular price or you could get a 12 pack at Michaels or Joan with your weekly coupon), a small knife for the parents, and whatever materials you’d like to decorate them with.

Start by cutting an “x” on the bottom of the ping pong and sticking the fake flame of the tealight through the x. This will let your child know right where to draw the eye.

Next just decorate! You could get creative and make eyebrows, eyelashes, a body etc but my boys just wanted eyes. And wanted none of them to match. Whatever floats their boat!

They loved finding places to stick them. Most were on the mantle.

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  1. This is so fun! My boys would totally go for this glowing eyeball decoration. I have a hard time finding crafts that are boyish enough for my two kiddos, but I think this one would do it. I'll definitely add it to our list of crafts to do before Halloween.

  2. Just found your site and have been scrolling back though it's history. I think these ping pong ball lights would make great glowing snowball decorations. Seat them in some fake snow/batting with the eyeballs hidden on the back side… viola!

  3. I must say, its totally awesome how that circular mirror (it is a mirror right?) on the backdrop of the mantlepiece looks like an eclipsed or "blooded" moon in the pic of the full display in the dark! If that was intentional then KUDOS!!!! 🙂

  4. Why did you leave half of the directions out? What did you put the eye ball on?
    Is it the lid of a spray can? Did you paint it white? Did you use craft glue, or regullar ?

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