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I’ve mentioned before that my 10 year old is obsessed with Disney! He loves learning how rides are made, the history, and any weird fact he can find. We bought him some books for Christmas and he’s been reading them cover to cover! Here are 2 of the non-fiction ones we bought: Disney Trivia from the Vault and The Disneyland Encyclopedia


To save myself from hearing every. single. thing. he read I suggested maybe he write about it. We like to visit our friends’ blog Disney in the Desert so we got together with them and he started his own little blog series! I’ll add a link to the sidebar if you want to stay up to date with his posts!

You can read his first post HERE (I’m sure he’d love any comments as well or requests for facts!)

Do you encourage your kids’ interests? Do you have any fun ways to encourage your kids to follow their passions?

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  1. Great idea!! My sons love to build with cardboard, legos and draw, draw, draw. Though it makes messes that sometime irritate me, we've identified some mess zones in our house where they can create to their hearts content, make messes and they won't be spread through the house. Can't wait to read his first post!

  2. I love this idea! My son is into all sports and I vowed to put him on blog talk radio or have him record his own podcast! He's going to try out to be a kid reporter for sports illustrated.

  3. I have to suggest a book that I'm pretty sure he would love: the hidden magic of Walt Disney World.
    It is amazing how every little details at WDW have been taken care of. He will see WDW differently after reading that book.

    I love the blog idea!

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