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Something SO simple always entertains my boys wherever we are. When they were little we used to just do it around our neighborhood. Now that they are older we can walk a little farther AND we are lucky to live right by a wash with lots of desert in it 🙂 We’ll even take little trips to the desert here and there.

You can make it educational by talking about all the native plants and animals in your area, or just let the boys run around and play in the dirt – either way they love it! We check out the cacti and imagine what animals live or have lived in them. How they protect the animals when they choose to live inside, how long they’ve been there etc.

My oldest likes to educate us about the Creosote Bush, if you rub the leaves in your hand and smell them, it smells like rain!


We see nests and lizards (can you see the lizard? Desert animals are very good at camouflage) That little thing poking out the top of the cactus arm in the last picture is a flower bud. My kids used to call them pickles 🙂

Did you know that cacti grow new arms to keep their balance?

You can collect treasures from your walk and save them for a kids’ scrapbook, wall, display, or collection.

Go out and do a nature walk today! If you take pictures/blog about it be sure to come back and leave a comment so we can check it out.

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. oh my… what gorgeousness in one page!!! and i love it that you have TWO boys…. well…. three….. and they are the love of your life. MINE too!!!!!

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