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I am pretty happy with our lunch box setup this year. We definitely had some trial and error last year with new products! The boys like to take sandwiches, soups, snacky/bento type lunches, and leftovers. So we need containers along with a lunch box. Also it was 115F their first day of school so to say we need to keep the food cold is an understatement!

I found these Klip it to Go containers and we really like them! The fact that they are only $4.99 doesn’t hurt either.

I like that they are made from BPA free Virgin Polypropylene (in New Zealand) and they are fairly easy for the boys to open. The “sandwich” portion has it’s own lid and the bottom section is divided. It’s big enough to put chips in the sandwich section if they are having nachos which is a problem we’ve had with smaller containers.

I also bought them some reusable snack bags (I can’t find the ones I got but these are close)

and we still love our Thermoses we’ve had for a couple of years now.


My favorite thing I found for this year is their lunchboxes. I hate how a lot of the lunchboxes make your sandwiches or containers sideways when you stand them up. We’ve tried some that lay flat but they were pretty bulky and still didn’t lay flat when they crammed them in their backpacks. I just happen to come across these at Target (no longer online but still in store) – haven’t found them anywhere else. They are $3.99 each the brand is Embark. There are no zippers, or buttons, and no seams for applesauce or yogurt to get crammed in to! You fold it down as much as you need and the buckle makes the handle (also straps on to backpacks) I REALLY like these!

I wasn’t sure how in depth you all would want me to get but I wanted to share my new favorites! Let me know what else you’d like to see from me! Thank you all that chimed in on Facebook yesterday on hearing my lunch finds!

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  1. I am glad I'm not the only one that has these issues. I bought those exact sandwich containers a couple weeks ago just hoping they would be the perfect solution. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. hey there,
    Thanks for the tips!!
    Do you remember by any chance the brand of the lunch-boxes ???? Because that is exactly what I am looking for….
    Thanks !!

  3. All for the Boys Reply

    @Tiphaine They are Embark brand and can be found by the school supplies or in the camping section

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