Simple Summer Fun – Car Cooking

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So simple, but fun for kids – cooking in your car! Since the inside of your car literally gets as hot as an oven, why not use it as one!

Cardboard Collective made banana chips in a car (I may do this one this week!)

Family Chic made S’mores in their car

Baking Bites made chocolate chip cookies in her car


Is it hot enough where you are to cook in your car?

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  1. This looks like fun! At first I thought this post was about cooking on your car engine. We did that while traveling (camping) on our honeymoon. We took our leftovers from the night before, wrapped them in aluminum foil, put it on our engine and drove until lunch time and had a hot lunch. My favorite lunch was shrimp alfredo from a resturant in Seatle and my lunch was done just before we hiked into the mountains for three days.

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