Easy Couch Fort

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It’s not Fort Friday, but some days you just want to hide out in a fort. Am I right?!
Easy couch fortMaybe we’ll do a little series on easy couch forts, but either way we’ll start with this one. Take off all the cushions, use the back cushions as “walls” and the bottom cushions as a roof with a blanket to fill in the gaps. Easy and cozy!

Easy couch fortAlso, dark – so don’t forget your flashlight!

Easy couch fortWe’ll likely be making videos along with a lot of our posts. I’d love it if you’d subscribe to us on YouTube for fun, quick video inspiration. I won’t always post them here to clog up the posts, but may sometimes let you know they’re there. Otherwise, if you subscribe, you can stay up to date! Here’s the video for our couch fort!

Expect a lot more fun videos this year including our Summer travels!

Easy couch fort

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