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Reading Fort – Fort Friday

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We haven’t done a Fort Friday for a while so I thought this recent reading fort was perfect to share today since March is National Reading Month! One of the things I have always made sure to do with my boys is do my best to foster a true love of reading. They both have become pretty good readers (one more than the other) and we are constantly lugging around books – until we got a Kindle!

Reading Fort I seriously didn’t think we needed another digital device, but after having a Kindle + Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited I found I was wrong. We LOVE the Kindle e-reader ($79). If you’ve never seen one the screen is really cool. It’s not actually backlit so it makes it super easy to read out in the sun (poolside reading anyone?!). The biggest benefit for us is how LIGHT it is. My kids’ backpacks on a road trip or vacation are ridiculously heavy because of books. The Kindle is so light and easy to carry around and when one book is finished another one is right there ready to go.

Reading Fort It’s also easy for the boys to hold up to read for long periods of time. It’s been used non stop in our house since we got it and they are both already making lists of books for our upcoming vacations (we’ll likely buy another one before we leave). Add in Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited – an all in one subscription starting at $2.99 per month + the ability to borrow books from the library, and you have SO many books available to you.

Reading Fort Both of mine are currently reading their way through the Harry Potter series (available on Amazon FreeTime Unlimited). Although, they have SO many books downloaded I don’t know how they keep them all straight. Whatever keeps them reading right?! In fact they’ve already suggested that for any upcoming birthdays or holidays they get an Amazon gift card so they can buy new books.

Reading Fort Our weather has been amazing lately that I suggested reading outside the other day. The boys wanted a little more shade than they had, so a fort it was! A couple pieces of string and 2 sheets later – they had a perfect reading fort. They spent SO much time out there even though it was a tough day to get them to actually start reading.

I love how the Kindle tracks their reading time. After the boys finally started, one of them came to show me that they were 75 minutes past their reading goal for the day. Gotta love that!

Reading Fort The other thing I love? That it’s only for reading. If they have the Kindle I know they are reading there are no other distractions. I very highly recommend the Kindle if you have kids getting into or reading chapter books. It’s fun in a fort, on a trip or just for daily reading goals.

Reading Fort No matter what, reading in a fort is so much better than reading just anywhere. Am I right?! If you have or get a Kindle definitely check out the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. It’s such a great deal!

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