Easy Origami Rabbit

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Since Easter is coming up I thought now was a good time to share this easy origami bunny rabbit.

Easy origami bunny rabbitStart with a sheet of square paper (this is regular printer paper trimmed down) facing this direction.

Easy origami bunny rabbitFold the bottom corner to the top.

Easy origami bunny rabbitNow fold the left corner over to the bottom right.

Easy origami bunny rabbitOpen back up.

Easy origami bunny rabbitFold the bottom up 1/2 – 1 1/2″ this will make your ears so the size is really by preference.

Easy origami bunny rabbitNow fold the bottom right up until the bottom lines up with the center.

Easy origami bunny rabbitDo the same to the other side.

Easy origami bunny rabbit

Easy origami bunny rabbitFold the bottom tip up.

Easy origami bunny rabbitTurn over and add some eyes, nose, a mouth and whiskers! The fun part about this design is if you play with the fold on the bottom a bit, you can get him to stand up.

Easy origami bunny rabbit

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