Easy Origami Space Shuttle

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We’ve had space shuttles on the mind since visiting the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. My boys like learning origami and then memorizing their favorites to make whenever they’re bored somewhere they have access to paper!Origami space shuttleStart with origami paper or any paper cut into a square. Turn it over.Origami space shuttleFold diagonally one way, open it and fold it the opposite way.Origami space shuttleThen take the corners and fold them up to the top.Origami space shuttleFold each side down as shown below. You can play with how far down you fold it.Origami space shuttleFold the entire thing in half and then position it as shown in the right photo.Origami space shuttleNext, fold the top down and then up about 1/4 of the way.Origami space shuttleNext open it up to where it looks like this. You’re going to use the folds to make it fold in on itself as shown.Origami space shuttleHere’s another photo to help you out.Origami space shuttleThen, fold it up. Make a small fold on the nose and use that fold to push it in to flatten out the nose.Origami space shuttleFold the wings¬†up on each side.Origami space shuttleNow it can stand! You can adjust the folds here if you need to.Origami space shuttleNow you can decorate or leave as is!Origami space shuttle

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