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For the month of February CraftProjectIdeas is sharing the love with special giveaways and promotions on their site.

They so kindly offered to send us 2 of their new craft kits geared towards boys. So we had to check them out!

We were sent the Catapult Wars (you can even see an assembly video here)

and the Rubber Band Launcher (assembly video here)

They are complete kits that your kid(s) and you can completely assemble and play with! I’ve said before that my boys appreciate a craft that actually DOES something after you are done. Since these are wood and use wood glue before I even read the instructions I figured that there would be waiting involved so I warned the boys ahead of time. (I find that to be very helpful) I also planned to start on it when we were going to be in and out of the house so we would work on it in bits and pieces.

The Rubber Band Launcher was completed first and the boys loved it as I knew they would (it doesn’t launch them too hard since the rubber bands that come with the kit are larger but we still had the conversation about what you aim/launch at). They liked knocking down the paper figures that came with the kit and later moved on to Lego Darth Vader, Playmobil, and anything else they could set up.

We worked on the Catapult Wars set also but see this extra little head here?

Yeah she grabbed ALL the wooden dowels we needed to finish the kit and chewed them up. Just keeping it real 😉

We haven’t gotten a chance to get to the store to pick the correct sized ones up yet but they boys are itching to try. It looks super fun. We’ll finish it up this week and post our final review!

I didn’t want to hold up giving 1 set away to 2 different readers though! 


CraftProjectIdeas is giving away 1 Catapult Wars and 1 Rubber Band Launcher to 2 different readers. So one of you will get a Catapult Wars and one of you will get a Rubber Band Launcher. All you need to do is leave a comment on this thread. Feel free to also check out CraftProjectIdeas website as well as their Facebook and Twitter if you want to keep up with them.

Giveaway will be open until 11:59pm MST on February 27, 2012 


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  1. Jennifer Thomas Reply

    These are so cool! I have a 12 year old son who's itching to try these out on his LEGO castle. 🙂 I think he has more fun destroying what he builds than he had building it.

  2. My son is getting very interested in the craft kits. We haven't seen these until now. Thanks for posting!

  3. I am new to this blog/website, and I'm loving all of your crafts geared towards boys. My two would love a catapult or a rubber band shooter, what fun! We even have a dog that would most likely eat the wooden dowels, too.

  4. Kristina camp Reply

    Love both of these kits. My son is not crafty but would so love these!

  5. Looks like a ton of fun!! My boys would love both of these! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  6. My 3 boys would looooooooove these! Finally, a company that has figured out that boys like craft projects, too.

  7. oh that catapult would go over HUGE around here. Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  8. I only have one child and he is a boy. That is why I love your site!!!! So much for girls out there. Boys are harder. Thanks! This would be a great craft for him.

  9. Love your website! Kids also love seeing it. These would be fun to win.

  10. I would LOVE the catapult launcher for my boys (you know the one that launches those soft looking pillow things). If however, I'm chosen for the rubber band gun…well, please pass it on to another entrant, cause my boys lack the discretion for one of those. (In other words, I see pain in my future…either from a rubber band hitting the back of my head while I do dishes, or from me having to tend a three year old's wounds, or listen to the whines of my 7 year old, or keep my 8 year old from enacting revenge. )

  11. My boys (and probably my daughter) would love to do one of these projects with dad!

  12. My 3 boys would love either of these. We are always crafting here!

  13. I would love a rubber band launcher to test on my husband and to hold it in safe keeping until my boy is old enough 😀

  14. We'd love to win – my boys would go crazy over either boy toy! Thank you!

  15. I love that they are made out wood. my boys are obsessed with castles…I think the catapult will make a great addition to his new birthday castle.

  16. my boys would love those! especially the catapult. (honestly, my husband was pretty excited about both toys, too!) 😉

  17. I wish I had found your website years ago! I have six boys, and am in awe of this blog. Boys are wonderful, and every post is sooo true! Love your fort Friday!

  18. My boys would LOVE both of these…plus it would be an excellent toy to those fine motor skills we struggle with!!

  19. A craft that DOES something fun – brilliant! My 3 boys would love it. Thanks!

  20. Our Daring Boys' Club made catapults this fall from ideas on the spaghetti box kids website. They loved it! I would love to have the catapult kit shown here as a prize for one of the boys in our group. I'll pass on the rubber band shooter and let that go to someone more interested. t

  21. I don't think my comment posted so if I do have 2, I apologize.

    I have 3 boys and they would love these! Thanks!

  22. Both of my boys would love them. I'm also going to to check out the site.

  23. craft for boys…finally, I cant decide which one my son would love the most x

  24. Oh, that rubber band launcher would get a workout here, lol. My son asked for one just yesterday.

  25. Not only would my boys love these; my husband would have a blast with them too. You can never mess up when an object is being propelled through the air. I haven't met a boy yet (young or old) who doesn't have fun with that kind of stuff!

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