Dana Wharf Whale Watching

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I have ALWAYS wanted to go whale watching and the boys had I have talked about going eventually so we were super excited to add it to our list of adventures for 2014 just in the nick of time. We went with Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching (they are super awesome and provided us tickets to check it out and share our experience here).

Dana Wharf whale watchingIt was a cold weekend in southern California when we visited so we bundled up and headed out to Dana Wharf. It was gorgeous out and the boys were just excited to watch the boats and sea lions!

Dana Wharf whale watching

The captain and crew are in touch with other boats in the area so they have an idea of what marine life is out and about for the day. They got word of a Humpback in the area so we went to check it out. He was more interested in diving deep to eat than putting on a show for us but it was SO amazing so see this giant creature out in the ocean. He stayed under for such a long time!

After that we went to check out some gray whales that had been seen in the area throughout the day.

Dana Wharf whale watching

Dana Wharf whale watchingThe boys loved listening to the captain give all kinds of fun whale facts and information. Did you know they only sleep with 1/2 their brain at a time? They have to think about every breath they take so they need to be aware enough to keep surfacing to breathe!

Dana Wharf whale watching

Dana Wharf whale watchingWe didn’t see any dolphins on this trip but they do see them often. There had also been a few killer whales in the area which would have been SO cool to see.

Dana Wharf whale watchingThe boat has all kinds of drinks and snacks (hot coffee for me!) and the 2 hours FLEW by! We can’t WAIT to visit the team at Dana Wharf Whale Watching again. My husband was eyeing the sport fishing trips and the boys and I are determined to see a whale breaching one of these days!

Dana Wharf whale watchingWe’d all definitely recommend checking them out if you’re in the area!

Dana Wharf whale watching






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