DIY Crayon Scratch-Off Art

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DIY Scratch Off ArtWhen I was younger, my mom would pack some fun stuff for me and my brother to do in her purse or for long car rides. One of my favorites of these were the scratch off art that when scratched off would reveal a rainbow print under it. Now you can make these at home! They’re really easy and fun to make and look cool when scratched off.

DIY Scratch Off ArtThe only things you will need are black and colored crayons, paper, and something to scratch the top layer off with. You can use regular printer paper, or if you’d like it to be more durable you can also use cardstock.

DIY Scratch Off ArtDIY Scratch Off ArtDIY Scratch Off ArtTo start, begin to cover the whole paper with multiple sections of various colors. You can use regular bright colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, etc. or you can use any crayon you have. Make sure you spread out the colors evenly so that when scratched off the “rainbow” under it looks nice.

DIY Scratch Off ArtOnce you’ve finished doing that, start coloring over the entire paper with a black crayon. Make sure you cover up the entire paper to keep the colors a “surprise”. You can use another color to cover the top, but black looks the best as it makes the colors under it pop more.

DIY Scratch Off ArtOnce you’ve done that and covered up the paper as much as you’d like, now you can scratch it off. I like to use a toothpick, but you can use a pencil, pen, paperclip, or chopstick. Anything like that will work. When you scratch it off, only the black part will come off because its wax on wax.

DIY Scratch Off ArtThis project is fun to make, and easy enough for a kid to do. You can also make a bunch of these and save them for later as an easy way to keep kids entertained while waiting. Cut them up so they can fit inside a bag for easy portability! 

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