Folded Flying Bat

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Folded flying batWhat’s better than a Halloween craft? A Halloween craft that can fly! Here’s how to do it.

Start with a rectangular piece of paper. 8.5″x11″ or this one is 9″x12″. Fold in half width wise and open back up.

Folded flying batNow fold each side in towards the center fold.

Folded flying batNext, fold out the sides like this:

Folded flying batThen fold the corners down like you do on a traditional paper airplane

Folded flying batNow turn over. Fold the top point down to the bottom.

Folded flying batNext, fold the corners down like this:

Folded flying batNow fold the point back up, it should cover up the 2 corners you just folded. Then turn over.

Folded flying batFold the point down again and then fold in half width wise (you’re almost done!)

Folded flying batFold one of the wings down leaving a bit at the bottom to hold on to. Do the same to the other side and you’re done!

Folded flying bat

Folded flying bat

Folded flying bat

Folded flying bat

These bats will fly during the day 😉








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