DIY Duck Call

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Duck call, noise maker, neighbor annoyer whatever you want to call it this activity is simple, fun and loud.

Speaking of loud, sorry to my neighbors this morning I didn’t get this video done before dark yesterday so we had to do it before school. Don’t worry there wasn’t a dying animal outside. It was just us.

All you’ll need is a plastic straw and some scissors. Start by flattening out the straw the best you can (you can rub on the edge of a table if you want).

DIY duck call from All for the Boys

Cut a point on the end of the straw.

DIY duck call from All for the Boys

DIY duck call from All for the Boys

Put the pointed end of the straw in your mout and blow. You’ll need to blow pretty hard.

DIY duck call from All for the Boys

Try cutting the straw smaller and using straws in different diameters! I don’t think a duck will be landing in our pool anytime soon, but it sure is fun to make noise!

Here is a video for your hearing pleasure

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  1. this was so cool and fun. I could not find anything to distract my boys, but we had a lot of fun with this and I know greandpa will too. thanks for sharing.

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