Easy Invisible Ink + Muppets Most Wanted

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Easy invisibly ink from All for the Boys

We are SO excited to see Muppets Most Wanted next month in theaters! We absolutely loved the last one and with this movie’s lineup it should be just as good! We thought we’d celebrate today with another fun spy activity.

We had a whole SPY WEEK last year so be sure to check it out for more fun spy activities. Here’s another way to send an invisible secret message using milk and heat.

Write on a piece of paper with milk and a paintbrush or qtip (make sure your paintbrush doesn’t have old paint in it) the thicker the milk the better.

Easy invisibly ink from All for the Boys

Leave out to dry

Easy invisibly ink from All for the Boys

To reveal the message a parent can expose the paper to a heat source (hold over a light bulb or candle) this is obviously a bit dangerous so always and only with adults.

I like using an iron (steam turned off)

Easy invisibly ink from All for the Boys

Send it to someone in the mail with instructions on how to reveal the message for some secretive mail!

For more spy fun Disney has created these free printables just for us! Click here to download

Free printable Muppets Most Wanted downloads from All for the Boys blog

Are you a Disney fan like us? Here’s some more Disney fun!

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  1. Fun! But my Muppet fan-geek brain compels me to point out that his name is Fozzie, and he says "Wocka wocka!"

  2. All for the Boys Reply

    Lol @Ryan! I'll admit that my son is the fan-geek and I should have had him preview it before I posted. I did look up "waka waka/wocka wocka" before and the first one that came up was waka – shame on me! I may need to re-create and photograph later today 😉

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