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I hate when I have things rolling around in my head that I’ve been wanting to share but I just haven’t done it. It’s like they are hanging there taking up precious brain space so today I’m finally going to share to get them out of there! Here are some things that are definitely worth mentioning and worth you checking out!

We recently got this helmet for one of the boys who needed a new one and I am really impressed. I love how easy it is to adjust to their head (it has a piece on the back of the head that moves in and out for the perfect fit). It’s made by Jaseboards for $34.99 and we actually found it at Costco for $19.99 – here’s their Costco event schedule.

Boken was actually awesome enough to send us one of their diaper bags (with no requirement to post). Obviously we have no need for a diaper bag but this bag is SO much more. At only 13oz you can throw it anywhere and it holds SO much. I love the different straps (backpack, shoulder etc) and because it’s so light and airy you can really use it anywhere for anything. We’ve used it as a spare backpack for school, hiking, for day trips etc and have really been impressed. It’s so much lighter and cooler than using a traditional backpack. I’m sure it’s that much more awesome as an actual diaper bag too. Even if you don’t have a baby it’s definitely worth a look. You won’t need another bag.

The Stop Motion Studio app has been a favorite of the boys for a little while now especially with the popularity of the LEGO movie. The app allows you to take a series of images and puts it all together for you to create a video

My Job Chart is the perfect solution for busy families to keep track of chores and keep kids accountable while teaching them how to manage their time/duties. We’ve been struggling with the perfect solution of getting the boys involved in helping around the house while teaching them responsibility and just getting in the habit of cleaning/helping out. It’s free, easy to use and has a really cool reward system if you want to reward them for their work.

This (affiliate link) Reduce Waterweek water bottle set has been such an awesome addition to our fridge. I keep them filled with water and the boys grab them ALL the time for school, playing outside etc. I didn’t realize how much we’d use them when they were sent to us but once they got in the habit they started grabbing them constantly.

My friend Becca created the perfect book for anyone interested in blogging or who already is a blogger but jumped in without knowing a thing (like me). It’s called Everything But the Posts and is absolutely PACKED with information. I haven’t had a chance to finish reading my copy yet but I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.

I think that’s it for now. It sure feels good to get that off my chest 😉

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  1. Everything (in this post) is Awesome!

    Seriously I that stop motion app looks super fun, and the (diaper) bag is way cute – I love all the zippers and pockets, very cool. I saw someone else mention that water bottle system, I guess I need to look into it!

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