DIY LEGO Mason Jar Aquarium

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I love aquariums and they are an excellent way to add some livelihood to a room. Sometimes you or your kids can’t have an aquarium and these Mason Jar Aquariums are an easy way to solve that problem! Although it won’t have a fish, it’ll still add some decoration to a room, and have some cool LEGO theming.DIY toy aquarium jar

DIY Toy AquariumTo make one of these, you’ll need a mason jar, water, decorations, a LEGO Minifigure, and fishing line.

DIY Toy Aquarium

DIY Toy AquariumTo start, put in your decorations. I chose to put some plain river rocks for the bottom. It gives it a nice, simple, modern feel. After that I added in a little fake plant to fill up the rest of the jar. By no means do you have to put in what I did, I just made it that way to look like I wanted to. You could add lots of other stuff like colored gravel, traditional fish tank decorations, etc.


DIY Toy AquariumI wanted to add a little more decoration so I decided to add a swimming Lego Minifigure to mine. To do this I tied a short piece of clear fishing line to the Minifigure and then taped the other end to the lid of the jar. Our Minifigure floated to the top, so we attached some metal nuts with some other LEGO pieces we found. I chose a scuba diver, but some others that you could use are a fish, shark, surfer, or anything! You could also add any other toy that would look cool in it. Once you’re done, fill up with water.

If you can have a fish, you could keep one in one of these. The only fish that would be good in one of these is a betta fish. Just make sure that your jar is big enough, there’s no fishing line and that you keep the lid off.

DIY Toy AquariumEven without a fish, these aquariums are cool to look at and are good decoration. They are also a cool fish tank to keep a betta fish in. I love how this one turned out and I hope you have fun making yours!

DIY LEGO mason jar aquarium craft

DIY toy aquarium jar

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  1. Hi, Parker – love your post! I think the Lego scuba diver is really effective – I would gaze at this all the time time and imagine a whole miniature world in there. Great idea!

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