Easy LEGO Place Card Holders

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If you’re looking for a fun place card holder idea for the holidays or a party – these DIY LEGO place card holders are JUST the thing. Get the kids involved and pull out all those LEGO bricks and mini-figures you have lying around. These are simple to make but the kids will have a lot of fun creating characters to look like their family members. As a bonus, these LEGO place card holders can also help keep the kids entertained at the dinner table!

LEGO minifigure holding a name card on a dinner plate

With just a few pieces you probably already have on hand your kids can create personalized place cards and holders for all your Holiday or party guests.

How to make LEGO Place Card Holders

The best part about these is you can really use a variety of pieces depending on how big your LEGO brick collection is. To start you’ll use whatever size flat piece you have that’s at least 2 rows wide and 4 rows long. Then use more bricks to create the stand. The stand helps give some height to the minifigures and allows more room for a larger place card so the names are easy to read.

LEGO minifigure depicting elderly woman holding a place card that says Grandma.

You could write out the place cards or use the free LEGO inspired font to print some out like we did.

Then pick out themed minifigures, or choose and create characters that remind you of each person.

LEGO minifigure place card holders! LEGO minifigure place card holders!

Place your name cards in between the hands and bottom LEGO piece. You may need to trim some to different sizes depending on which bricks you used to stand up your LEGO minifigure.

The boys thought it was funny to pick out (and switch out) characters for each family member. This would be a great idea for a party and you could give the minifigure as a party gift! Since you’ve got all the LEGO bricks out, why not use them to build someĀ Thanksgiving turkeys?

LEGO minifigure place card holders!

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