The BEST way to deep clean wrestling singlets or other sports uniforms

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My son is going into his 4th year of high school wrestling & we’ve tried quite a few things to wash and refresh his wrestling gear. We were recently introduced to Tide One Wash Miracle & I actually bought myself a stock pile so I’d have them on hand. They’re that good!

I did a sponsored Instagram Reel to share this product, but I honestly loved the outcome that I had to share here too. I‘ve tried a ton of stuff & it‘s hard to impress us but Tide One Wash Miracle feels like it’s just that – a miracle 🙌 You remove the label & cap, throw it in (or pour it in) & wash like normal. Your gear will come out smelling AMAZING & you‘ll really notice when you wear it again. I love how gentle it still is to fabrics though so it‘s perfect for wrestling singlets (or any other sport uniforms) that need to last a few years. It’s even gentler (and smells way better) than using vinegar.

You don’t need to use them every time you wash, just when they need a really good refresh. As long as you stock up to have a few on hand you should be good. These are made specifically to eliminate impossible odors, remove tough stains and deep clean in a single wash. You don’t have to wait for soaking or anything. I recently used one to clean a load of dog bed covers too. It just works SO well & I’m so glad I came across it that I had to share.

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