Family Game Night – When Pigs Fly

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Ok so there was a bit of playing with the title there 😉 My boys LOVE board games. My husband and I have found games that are good for game night and others that aren’t our favorites (the ones that take FOREVER to finish). 

Imagine Toys and I started chatting on Twitter and they asked us if we wanted to review a new game for them. We thought it would definitely be fun to try it out.

We got When Pigs Fly

You get little plastic pigs with velcro wrapped around them and a spinner with a rotating sky above. You spin the spinner to see whether you can launch your pig, take a pig from the sky, or give a pig to someone else. The goal is to have no pigs.

Of course launching the pigs is what everyone hopes for!

They can’t stick to the clouds which makes it a little more challenging

It’s fun when a lot of pigs get caught up there – makes it a lot harder to find a good spot!

Launching pigs is very serious (and very funny) business.

The adults can get into it too (we are a bit competitive) and we definitely had a few fun games going! When Pigs Fly has made the cut into our regular Family Game Night rotation! 

About Imagine Toys: Imagine Toys is a specialty toy store guided by a mission of providing quality toys that encourage children to use their imaginations. We’re picky about the toys we select and strive to offer unique toys and accessories that are fresh and different from what you might find at a mass-market toy store. Imagine Toys buyers are parents themselves and have taken the time to test products with children of appropriate age to make sure our products offer plenty of fun and educational play value.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! We might have to check that out for a birthday gift 🙂 My kids are still pretty little, but we love Headbanz. The adults really got into it more than the kids.

  2. Looks like so much fun! I too, like games that don't take forever to play. Is this game available to purchase? I looked on their website and couldn't find it. Thanks for sharing.

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