LEGO Easter Egg Hunt Idea

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My (and the boys’) favorite thing to put in Easter eggs are LEGO bricks! For years the Easter bunny would pack an entire LEGO set into different plastic eggs to find and assemble. This is perfect if you’re trying to stay away from a lot of candy or just have LEGO loving kids.

LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea

We’ve shared this idea a few times over the years but never in one post or with all of our tips in on place. The idea is simple, purchase a LEGO set. I love this cute Easter Egg hunt set and it’s inexpensive too!

LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea

Divvy up the pieces into lots of different plastic eggs and put them out to find.

LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea

Once they are all found, all the pieces can be poured out to assemble.

LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea

I either put the instructions in an egg or hide it in the grass of the Easter basket! Make sure you have a few larger eggs to put bigger pieces in, but you can put those in the basket as well.


  • If you are hiding more than one set or one for each child, try putting each set in one color egg (one color for each child/set). You can also number/letter the eggs for each set or child. They’ll figure out what the “code” means after they’ve collected them all.
  • Hide large pieces in the Easter basket itself. A good place is under or in the grass in the basket.
  • Put several pieces in each egg for larger sets and only one or a few bricks in each egg for small sets.
  • If you have a larger egg, hide the instructions in an egg like the bricks. If it doesn’t fit, you can hide the instructions in/under the grass in the basket or tape them to the bottom!

This is a great idea for older kids too. Have you ever done a LEGO Easter Egg hunt?

LEGO Easter Egg hunt idea

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