Makedo makes forts easy

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The awesome people over at Makedo sent us a FreePlay Kit for One to play with. I had originally intended on having someone help us make this extravagant fort structure (and I may still try) but I think the fun of this product is that KIDS can use it and I wanted my boys to create something of their own.

I know it’s fun to see all the inspiration of the amazing things this product can do.

(all photos from Makedo’s Inspiration Gallery be sure to check out the rest!)

I think this is a GREAT product for a gift for kids and wanted to show what the kids could do with it on their own. I helped a little to show them how the product worked and helped them brainstorm a bit on how to get what was in their mind to work. 

We just moved and had several boxes to choose from but they chose some large boxes to construct their walls. The Makedo kit comes with a safe saw and a hole poker (SO easy) to create holes for the “bolts”. They attached their walls together with the “bolts and nuts”.

The black thing you see there can be a moveable hinge (how cool would a door be?!) or you can lock it so it doesn’t move. They put a couple of those on the flaps of their smaller boxes to give them some height.

Once the walls were up they wanted a sheet for the roof to allow some air in (it was 105F) so we added a sheet over the top. Taking a cue from our couch forts they added a broom for height and attached a few points of the sheet to the boxs so it wouldn’t fly away. Then they decorated.

A good fort has a guard right?

Their fort even has a table perfect for playing UNO (our favorite card game). The broom is stuck inside the box with a couple of bricks to keep it from sliding around.

At night a fort with lights is usually requested. We scored these plastic outdoor bulbs on clearance at Target.

The score? 4 thumbs up from my boys. The fort was sturdy, easy to put together, and the parts can be used over and over. We have some other ideas up our sleeves for Makedo. But I’m glad our first project was something the boys did on their own!

There are all kinds of sets on Amazon or the Makedo site. We recommend them!

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