Paper Airplane – Awesome Flier

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We decided to name this one awesome flier because once we tweaked it a bit we got it to fly far and fast!

You’ll need an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper for this one. Fold in half lengthwise and turn so the fold is facing down like a tent.

Take the top edges and fold them in to meet the fold

Turn the paper over

Do the same step on this side. Take the corner and fold it in to meet the fold

Turn over

Fold the tip half way down

Fold in half (along your original fold)

Fold the wings halfway down to meet the bottom of the plane.

Do the same for the other side

Holding your plane at the fold with the wings up cut a slit on the diagonal towards the back of your plane like this

Pull up the back and fold the opposite way

and you’re done!

Try flying your plane just like this

If you used a thicker paper (like construction paper) the plane may open up too much during flight and become a boomerang. If this is happening to you just place a staple on the part that you hold towards the back of the plane to keep the plane together when flying. If you used regular copy paper and had tight enough folds you may not need the staple.

Let us know how it worked for you!

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  1. Wow! it works really well I am going to make one for my brother and sister.

  2. Cousin Larry Reply

    Totally awesome. Flies better than anything in the Klutz paper airplane kit. Without a doubt the best flier I ever made, and I've made dozens of unique designs.

  3. It got a little confusing at the end for me otherwise a great paper airplane i didn't do the last few steps and it still flew great!!

  4. Made one today and it was great! I'm going to have my classroom make them as a project and have plane races! Thanks for the idea!

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