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My boys are fans of the show Phineas and Ferb. I admit that I think it’s pretty cute myself. Being an older sister I can relate a little to Candice! Anyway if you haven’t seen the show, Perry is a pet platypus who is actually a secret agent (Agent P). I pinned this tutorial on Pinterest a while back and the boys made their own Perry’s out of a plastic water bottle, forks (leftover from the Harry Potter Party), masking tape, cardboard from a cereal box, markers, and googly eyes.

We didn’t do a step by step for today but you can get the instructions from Looledo – they have some great ideas for crafts and projects! All the boys did was color theirs to resemble Perry instead of a standard platypus.

My oldest son loves to talk about fun platypus trivia, like the fact that not only are they a mammal that lays eggs, but they feed their young from milk that sort of sweats out of mammary glands and pools in grooves on the mother’s stomach. Did you know that the males have spurs on their back feet than contain venom? Strange creatures those platypus.


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