Things We’re Looking Forward to Seeing at E3

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E3 is coming up next week and we’re excited to hear all about the new games coming out soon and some we that haven’t even been announced yet. If you’re unfamiliar with it, E3 is an annual video game conference and expo. Here are a few we’re looking forward to this year.

Super Mario Odyssey
Announced last year with the Nintendo Switch, this is the next game in the main series of Super Mario games. Nintendo has said that this game is very different than past Mario games and we can’t wait to hear new details about the game.

Sea of Thieves
Announced back at E3 2015, this Pirates of the Caribbean-esc game looks like we’ll finally hear some new details about the game. It is a huge open-world multiplayer game with a vast ocean to sail around and loot with your friends.

Sea Of Thieves

Kingdom Hearts 3
This E3 we’ll finally hear some new details about this highly anticipated game by Square Enix. The series has a huge fanbase due to the mixing of both Disney and Final Fantasy Properties.

Kingdom Hearts 3

New Consoles
This year Xbox has been hyping up the new details of the Xbox Scorpio and fans are hoping for Sony to announce the PS5. While the Scorpio has been confirmed for E3 we can only hope to hear about the PS5 during Sony’s Conference.

Star Wars Battlefront II
Announced at Star Wars Celebration 2017, we are hoping to hear more about what looks to be an awesome new Star Wars game. We’ve seen a short trailer already, but it should be great to hear some new details and hopefully an in-depth trailer.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Indie Games
While there are lots of big company games we haven’t talked about, I wanted to acknowledge the big list of new and ported indie games who we are yet to hear about, like The Escapists 2 and Stardew Valley for the Nintendo Switch.

Stardew Valley

While these are just a few of the games we hope to hear about this year, there are still a bunch more that are yet to be announced. We are super excited for this year’s E3, and we are sure lots of other people are too!

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