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Toiletry Packing Tips for Tween and Teen Boys

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We travel a lot. We do a lot of close, simple travel which allows for easy access to a store, but that doesn’t mean we want to take time out of our trip to shop for things we forgot! My teen and tween are starting to take little trips here and there on their own with family or friends and I think we’ve finally got the quick, easy and functional packing down for them. They are BOLD little travelers and love exploring new places, seeing new things or checking out the latest and greatest amusement park rides.Why You Should Visit Knott's Berry Farm Before Summer Is Over

I thought I’d share some tips starting with the toiletries. Toiletries start to change quite a bit in the tween/teen years and differ for girls and boys a bit. We used to pack everything and everything, then went through a phase where I let them pack on their own and a few things would be forgotten so I’ve come up with some tips to help you get to where you have your packing down too!

Toiletry packing tips for tween and teen boys

  • Make a list of all the toiletries your kid uses during a regular week – two weeks, include those. Ours include:
    • Sonicare Toothbrush – we’ve used these for years after our dentist noticed a difference in my youngest after switching. We haven’t gone back! Plus I know they’re brushing their teeth well when away from home.
    • LISTERINE Smart Rinse or LISTERINE Total Care Zero depending on the kid – I put these in a labeled travel bottle (or buy the travel size if they have it) for each kid. The toothbrush/Listerine rinse combo helps me feel confident that they are taking care of their teeth and gums and keeping up their regular routine!
    • floss
    • hair gel/product
    • comb
    • lotion (for my kiddo with eczema)
    • medicine marked with easy to read dosage info more for another adult than for them since they are familiar with it already (prescription, allergy or anti-nausea etc.)
    • deodorant
    • sunscreen
    • if they’re going where they will be boogie boarding or doing some other activity that’s known to cause a rash they’ll take an anti-chafe balm
    • bandaids in case of a blister
  • Use travel sized items only when you need to (when going on a plane or when the items are extra large to begin with)
  • Extra contacts if they wear them or a glasses case/microfiber cloth if they wear them
  • Electric razor only if they’ll be gone for a while (because I know they won’t use them otherwise)

I don’t use the bags with all the little zippers and pockets because they never used them. We used to just use a large zip top plastic bag but I got them some inexpensive toiletry bags and they seem to work well!

Toiletry packing tips for tween and teen boys

Personalize them with some DIY zipper pulls or keychains and you’re good to go. With all their regular toiletries always with them they won’t have to worry about asking someone to stop at the store and they can start their day feeling confident.

Toiletry packing tips for tween and teen boys

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Toiletry packing tips for tween and teen boys

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