Christmas Lunchbox Note Jokes

Just wanted to post these here in case you wanted to start inserting these silly jokes in your kids’ lunchbox this week. 

Click images or HERE and HERE to download the PDFs!


  1. jenniferfisher says

    Thanks for sharing the lunch jokes! I just came across your site and I LOVE it!! You have some fun ideas on here. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. says

    I just made these this morning, and they are so cute! Instead of using them as lunchbox surprises (which I still intend to do) I punched tiny holes in the corner of each, and packaged them in cello-wrap with red bakers twine for strings and gave them to girlfriends at a luncheon today. I printed them on photo paper and packed them to be used as Christmas gift tags. My friends had no idea that they might of been originally for kids– they loved the jokes– maybe we all just have an immature sense of humor but we all thought they were hilarious. I pinned it on my Pinterest board to share the source from your blog. Keep up the good work, great ideas, and great photography with your blog. I am new to your site,, but in some bizarro world I feel like I'm staring at a mirrored version of my own family: my two sons remind me SO much of yours: oldest dark hair & eyes, youngest (20 months apart) blonde blue-eyed with the same mannerisms. Fun to see. Have a great holiday!!

  3. Lisa M says

    Thanks so much for sharing these…my twin boys will get a chuckle out of them at lunchtime. The day will come when they think it's "lame" for Mom to put something like this in their lunch so I'm relishing it now. Great work!

  4. Karen Martens says

    Thanks so much. I saw these in Jennifer McGuire’s latest post and think they are the greatest. I know my Grandchildren will enjoy them.

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