DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

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Tomorrow is Force Friday! To celebrate, some blogger friends and I pulled together some fun Star Wars recipes and crafts.

Since Force Friday is a fun day to celebrate new Star Wars merchandise to introduce to the fans old and new, I thought a craft using Star Wars toys would be fun. Chewbacca is a favorite character in our house and was one of the first characters to be shown on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Here’s a fun craft to make for your little Chewie lovers who have lots of “things” they like to carry around with them.

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

A bandolier is a sash or shoulder belt with loops or pockets usually for cartridges. Instead of just creating a Chewbacca bandolier that’s flat and unusable I thought we’d combine it with something that kids can actually use. A few years ago we shared an awesome tutorial for a bandolier here, but I definitely wanted to see something that was quicker to make and that could be used as part of a costume or role play. That’s how this project came about – now how to make it (and it’s SUPER easy I promise).

You could create this with fabric or leather, but I was going for something even quicker and no sew so duct tape it is! Start with a cross body bad of some sort. We used a passport travel bag which you can find pretty inexpensively.

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

Trim duct tape (or fabric if using) to the size of the straps. I left space so it could still be adjusted. The easiest way to trim duct tape is with a self healing mat and a craft knife, but you could just use scissors too. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

For the loops I used a tan colored elastic.

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

With plenty of hot glue I made loops down the strap. You could sew this for more security, but the hot glue hold fairly well.

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

I made different sizes for different objects. I found a few fun Star Wars toys at Target recently and thought this would be a fun gift!

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

Add all the toys to the bandolier and go!

DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

So much fun!DIY Chewbacca Toy Bandolier

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  1. How fun! My boys would love these. They are all about Star Wars and actually spent most of the evening coloring new Stars Wars coloring books from Target’s dollar spot. I’ve made them DIY light sabers from old bubble wands before too. I’m going to file this one away as a Christmas idea. 🙂

  2. A great idea using a passport bag and duct tape. My kids would love this for an upcoming Easter party. Thank you for sharing.

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