Fall Pumpkin Craft

Do you have seasons where you live? We don’t. We have summer and not summer. Seriously. We CAN drive to see Fall though which I plan on doing this year! It’s fun to talk with the boys about how every state is different and every country is different and what is so unique about each one. 

I remember them being younger and being so confused about why the kids on tv where wearing sweaters and jumping in leaf piles or making snowmen at Christmas time. I think they appreciate where we live now though, especially my little one he is NOT a fan of the cold.

We like to pretend it’s fall though! An easy way is by doing crafts and decorations while we talk about all the different landscapes.

We made these last year

It’s an easy craft that only requires construction paper, stapler, string and scissors. We found the instructions HERE at the craftzine blog. Crafts like these are fun to hang up and decorate their rooms with, but I didn’t mind these sitting out in our front room through Thanksgiving.

Will you be crafting with your kids this fall?


  1. All for the Boys says

    LOL! I actually got it at Pier One a couple of years ago on clearance. I think it's supposed to have a frosted glass insert but it broke and was removed. I liked it as is!

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