Things that fly

Our most popular post by far is the instructions for making a Strawplane this is such a fun and different type of paper airplane that my boys love! It flies great too!

We’ve also made a paper football

Today I’m showing you how to make a paper helicopter since I never showed you here!

Cut your paper to a 7″ x 1″ strip (or 14″ x 2″ which we also did here)

Measure a 2″ mark about half way into the strip, you’ll make 1 on either side of the strip on opposite ends, so you have a mark on one side on the top and another side on the bottom

Cut your marks halfway into the strip

Now you’ll slide the cuts you just made into each other to fit together

You’re ready to launch! You can throw the helicopter into the air, drop it from a high place (the stairs are perfect) and try moving the “propeller” around a bit to see what happens.

The helicopter will spin as it falls!
We found a larger piece of paper so made one 2x as big (14″ x 2″) and found that it fell slower than the smaller one did but the boys liked how they could watch it fall a little longer!

Let me know how your kids like it!


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