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Need a Year’s Supply of Toilet Paper? Giveaway!

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aftb-angel-softAngel Soft Giveaway

I attended BlogHer 2014 a few weeks ago in San Jose, CA. It was such a unique experience to be in a room(s) FULL of bloggers. One of the fun parts about the convention is the expo hall where all kinds of unique vendors gather to promote their brands and fun promotions or messages.

Angel Soft® invited me to be their VIP blogger for this convention which means I got to host a Twitter party live in their booth! When you walked into the expo hall their booth was right there so light and bright.

Angel Soft at BlogHer 2014

They were doing a photo AND video booth where you could share your #SheetHappens moments (or funny stories like the fun ones on their site). Everyone has those moments every once in a while and it was fun to swap stories with other bloggers.

Angel Soft BlogHer 2014

Angel Soft Twitter party

I think they had a fun booth that definitely provided lots of laughs! One of the reasons I love teaming up with Angel Soft® is because who doesn’t need toilet paper? We all buy it and I get to give you a chance to win a year’s supply of Angel Soft® toilet paper AND facial tissue! A year without having to buy either of those things – how nice would that be?!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Angel Soft® has been sharing #SheetHappens moments on their Facebook and Twitter pages so you can like/follow them for some hilarious moments (and share your own).

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Allison Waken is a wife, mom of boys and Phoenix, AZ native. She has been creating inspiring content for All for the Boys since 2011. Allison loves travel, movies and spending as much time as possible with her family while she can!


  1. WOW! A years supply of toilet paper!! With six people in our house we definitely go through a lot!!

    • Panic first then make a mental note that I need to stock up and always have some close by!

  2. Katie Nelson Reply

    With one boy using the toilet (and waaaay too much TP) and another almost potty trained, this would be a blessing!

  3. Oh as a mother of boys I thought tissue would be something I wouldn’t have to buy a lot of. But I was oh so wrong. Lol I could use a year supply

  4. Heather Hayes Panjon Reply

    If Someone Is Home I’ll Yell For Help! This Happens All The Time! LOL!

  5. We are Foster parents and with my 3 kids and 3 foster boys,we could sure use a year supply.I will go yelling “Who was the last one in the bathroom”.

  6. We are a family of 3 and yet find ourselves buying toilet paper at Costco. A year’s supply would be awesome!

  7. I would try yelling and pounding on the wall to make sure someone is home to maybe get me a roll.

  8. Thankfully the cabinet it’s stored in is a simple lurch away! Not perfect, but it’s better than it being in a hall closet!

  9. Monica Kirkham Reply

    We’ve got 5 people in the house, so I just yell!! We’ve actually bought a year’s supply of tp before, and it was so nice to not have to worry about running out!!

  10. I usually spot this before it happens, but I keep a couple of extras in the drawer next to the toilet at all times!

  11. Open the vanity. If none is in stock. ..
    I yell for a new roll.

  12. Scream and curse my boys and husband lol. My most frustrating thing is my husband hates the toilet roll on the holder, so he will have about 4 rolls lined up behind the toilet, every time I go, I replace one back onto the holder and then the next time it’s off….major pet peeve!

  13. We usually store multiple rolls of toilet paper in our cabinets just in case we run out, if not we yell for one another to grab us a roll!

  14. Thankfully, I have learned to check for TP BEFORE I sit down!

  15. Andrea Williams Reply

    Roll my eyes because this is a constant occurrence in our almost all male household. Then I dive into the secret stash under the sink to replace it again!

  16. vickie couturier Reply

    I keep an emergency roll hid where they don’t know that it is there

  17. Ive had this happen a lot in the past, now I always check but if I just so happen to have it happen to me I yell for my hubby to bring me some or I have to get up and get myself.

  18. I keep a basket of extra rolls in the bathroom, if those are all gone I yell

  19. we usually always have a spare hidden in the cabinet but if it’s gone to then I’m begging someone to get me one… 🙁

  20. Susan Christy Reply

    I’m the only one to blame, but the TP cabinet is within arm’s reach, so no problem!

  21. i literally use the roll itself… i know… a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do

  22. I yell through the house, “WHO DIDN’T CHANGE THE TP? Then proceed to get another roll. Grrrrrr

  23. After saying a few choice words…I try to reach a new one…or yell for someone to get some more!

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